Monday, August 13, 2012

Shadows of the recent past: Part three

On the precipice of redemption.

Yesterday the Orioles reached somewhat of a milestone. The Orioles won their 61st game on August 10. In 2005 the Orioles were mired in a horrific tailspin at this point in the season and had to fight back to get to 60 wins on August 17, game 120. In 2005 the Orioles went 14 and 28 over the final 42 games and limped into the offseason broken, defeated and embarrassed.

The 2012 Orioles won their 61st game last night marked their sixth win in their last seven games. It saw their top prospect call-up announce his presence with authority as Manny Machado collected four RBIs with two no-doubt homeruns into the left field seats. Miguel Gonzalez, the Mexican League signing, continued to surprise and act as a much needed stabilizing force in the rotation with another stellar performance.

The cynical among us will roll their eyes and say "Royals." Well, these Royals torched the Orioles' best pitcher the night before and had won seven of their last eight before last night. The Orioles can not afford to "overlook" anyone nor will they because of one man - Buck Showalter.

As this season goes forward, the play, the dedication you can see what Buck has meant to this team. The Orioles continue to defy logic and assumption largely because of Buck Showalter's system and management ability. I'm not necessarily talking about the button-pushing and lever-pulling aspects of the job, rather, the personalities the people. You have a sense that Showlater has every member of that team buying into every last word of his philosophy. If you don't believe me, look at the record. Still not convinced, Adam Jones stayed here long term because of Showalter. It has been reported that Jones decided to stay here because Showalter assured him that he was going to be here for awhile.

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