Saturday, September 8, 2012

Orioles Beat Yankees Again in a Saturday Night Thriller; Markakis Hurt...

This is crazy. I didn’t go to the game tonight due to simply just taking the night ‘off”; however, maybe I should have reconsidered and bought a ticket in standing room, or on Stubhub.

Considering I live close to D.C., and would be up in Baltimore on Sunday, today was a good time to see everything in high-definition at home.

Just a few minutes ago, the Baltimore Orioles beat C.C. Sabathia and the New York Yankees in a surreal 5-4 thriller.

Up 5-3 in the ninth inning, the Orioles’ Jim Johnson gave three consecutive hits, including a Derek Jeter bunt, and their backs were against the wall with no outs – and the bases loaded.

In the past, they would have potentially lost this game; however, that is not case this season. The New Yorkers did plate a run as Nick Swisher grounded out, but Mark Teixeira ended the game with a double play that looked way-too-close-to-call at first base.

Baltimore is once again tied with New York for the American League East lead with a 78-61 record.
Despite the rain and the crazy weather that swept through the region, the Camden Yards looked absolutely packed – and filled with orange. For those who attended the game, it must have been an awesome night.

The bad news of the night is that Nick Marakakis broke his thumb. As you all know, Sabathia drilled him on his hand in the fifth inning, and he is now out at least six weeks. Everyone knows that since Markakis was inserted as the leadoff hitter, his numbers and the Orioles’ fortune has improved.

Who knows how this will affect the Orioles down the road, but yet again, another player has to setup up and shoulder the load.

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