Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adam Jones & John 'T-Bone" Shelby Take About the State of Baseball in the African-American Community...

As time has gone on, many have commented on the status of the "black player" in baseball and it's been sobering to hear. There have been quite a litany of players who have spoke on the topic including Gary Sheffield, Torii Hunter and most notably C.C. Sabathia who has called the situation, "a crisis".

African-Americans have had a prominent and honorable role in the sport since the early 1900's -- up to and after the introduction of Jackie Robinson into in the Majors in 1947 -- however, it seems that the numbers are shrinking for them, and the sport is dying.

As an African-American myself, I see it not only of the field, but in the stands, in some front offices, and in management. As much as sports is the great eqaualizer in a lot of cases -- it mirrors American life, literally.

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