Monday, November 15, 2010

The Bench Coach, Crowley & Free Agency

Not much has been happening in Birdland on the free agent front; however, the Orioles are still trying to fill some coaching vacancies. This weekend, they interviewed former Pirates manager John Russell for the bench coach position.

That being said, I’ve always wondered what the bench coach does and this weekend in an article, the Sun’s Dan Connolly answered that for us. I always thought the bench coach was more or less an assistant to the manager, did the dirty work for him and acted as a buffer/soundboard to the players.

For the most part, my assumption was right; then again, it looks like a bench coach does a lot more for a team than I ever realized. That’s good to know. Meanwhile, Terry Crowley is on the ‘same page’ with the Orioles and their plans (along with his for moving forward).

Obviously, we are not privy as to what goes on behind closed doors, but Crowley said it he was his choice to move on.

Other than that, the Rookies of the Year for the American and National League are being decided on today as the awards season throughout Major League Baseball continue. Well, I think Buster Posey should win the National League; meanwhile, I think Neftali Feliz has it hands down in the American League.

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