Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Victor Martinez Joins the Tigers

Victor Martinez became a member of the Detroit Tigers this afternoon. The deal is for four years, $50 million.

With Martinez off the market, the Orioles are out another first base option and will probably go after Carlos Pena. Martinez prefers to catch; however, with Wieters in the fold, Martinez would have been a DH, or played first and caught only on occasion.

From the looks of it, the Orioles were right there in the bidding with a 4-year, $48 million dolllar offer. We're not privy to the discussions or the facts of the missed deal with the hitter, but could it have simply come down to a guy wanting to play a particular position? Could the man simply have wanted to go to a winning organization? Or a just a competitive one?

Who knows.

Sadly, Martinez has one hell of a bat and the Orioles missed it. Victor doesn't mash homers like Adam Dunn, but he's consistent. You know that Martinez, year after year, will put up quality numbers and be a professional.

Life goes on and let's hope the Orioles get one of the other free agents out there. My gut says that the Orioles get Carlos Pena on an affordable, one-year pact, and hope he can reproduce his more successful years in Tampa Bay.

I think Baltimore misses out on Dunn because he wants to play first base and does not think of himself as a glorified designated hitter. As for Paul Kornerko, I think he stays with the White Sox.

Some fans will be upset. I'm a little frustrated too. However, Victor Martinez is not like missing out on a Mark Teixiera or an Albert Pujols.

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Jack lur said...

Gr8 Job keep Going man !

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