Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Uehara not offered arbitration

As Anthony just reported below, the Orioles have decided not to offer Koji Uehara arbitration meaning the pitcher is free to go off to free agency. This is a monumentally weird move. If the Orioles had offered and Koji still chose to go to Free Agency then the Birds would have been given a compensation pick in this year's draft, now if the Orioles do not re-sign the Japanese closer the Orioles receive nothing.

Yes, there was always a chance that Koji could have accepted the arbitration but all indications are that he wanted to test the market. The Orioles could have still negotiated with him if he rejected the initial arbitration offer.Not offering Koji arbitration is a real-head scratcher bordering on dumb move. It was such a low-risk move and considering that the Orioles have not had a compensation pick in five years I can't understand why Koji was allowed to enter free agency free-and-clear.

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