Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dunn, Konerko and Other Stuff...

As the week comes to a close, there again has not been much news with the Orioles.

On Thursday, another target of the team on the market – Adam Dunn – has decided to sign with the Chicago White Sox for four years/$56 million.

Although Dunn is a flawed player (a DH at this point, not a first baseman; strikes out a ton, comes off as apathetic, slow), he’s a bat the Orioles could have definitely used.

I would have definitely liked Dunn on the Oriole roster based on what I saw from him in Washington. But, he's on a contending team for a change...

However, the Orioles only offered four years/$40 million to him? This must be a joke, right?

If so, then he would have never signed with Baltimore anyway. Was this some token offer or something?

It’s been reported that the Orioles have been in talks with Paul Konerko and have made an offer. It would be nice if we got his bat, but he’s older than I’d like. Plus, how much would he costs?

Honestly, he will probably re-sign with the White Sox, in my opinion. Kornerko has spurned the team once before…

Well, there’s still Adam LaRoche, Carlos Pena and Derrek Lee still out on the market. All three have issues, but they need a bat in a big way. Also on the shopping list is a shortstop who can provide some offense. Then again, the team also needs pitching – perhaps another starter and a reliever or two.

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