Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nothing Happening

Seriously, nothing is happening. LaRoche is still out there, as is Lee. One will be the Orioles' first baseman, the other will go to the Nats someone just has to make up their mind first. I would say that its like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive, but Adam LaRoche and Derrek Lee do not arouse that level of drooling, bouncing anticipation - its more like waiting for the end of a long Thursday - you're happy when its over, but you still have work in the morning. And this Thursday we are stuck in has been stupidly long.

There really isn't anything to worry about, sooner or later someone will make the final phone call and the long malaise of this acquisition will finally end. The only teams that are still actively searching for a starting first baseman are the Nationals and Orioles; two teams, two players just figure it out.

Seriously, it has been a boring couple of weeks on the baseball front. As the holiday season comes to an end January proves to be busy with big ticket free agent Adrian Beltre sitting out there but the Orioles don't figure to be in on Beltre and outside of this pending, make that seemingly endless, acquisition I don't see the Orioles doing much else.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too true. At this point just let it go. I would hate to wait around again for another missed opportunity. It is like a drug deal, there is no point in showing the money if you aren't going to seal the deal. Actually that is a bad comparison, but still.
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