Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Question of Prince Fielder...

As we inch closer to the end of the World Series and the official start of the off-season, we all know the Orioles need to plug in several holes.

Whether the team gets that accomplished this winter, or in the years to come -- who knows; however, a lot of fans already have dreams of seeing Price Fielder or Albert Pujols in the black and orange.

I see neither happening. In fact, I think we all may have to watch another year of Chris Davis and Mark Reynolds at the corner position spots.

Honestly, I see Albert Pujols staying in St. Louis. When all is said and done, the Cardinals will pay him whatever he asks for. He's their hometown hero (much like the Sun's Connolly alluded to in his piece today when he compared Pujols to Cal Ripken).

Pujols is St. Louis' Derek Jeter or Joe Mauer. He's a perfect fit for that region.

As for Prince Fielder ... he wants the Brinks' truck loaded to his house, so he may go whereever the money is. However, if I were him, I would stay in Wisconsin. He's got a good situation there, full of talent and it may be his best chance to win.

The big money teams (well, maybe not the Cubs) already have their bats and first baseman, so the market for him -- and Pujols may be limited. From what I have read, the Nationals and Cubs may have room for one or the other, but we shall see.

Now, considering what the Orioles have gone through the past decade and half, would they shell out the money for Fielder?

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