Thursday, May 28, 2009

MASN Blogger Night: Wrap-Up, Pictures & More

On Tuesday, myself and various Oriole bloggers partook in a night on baseball, as well "MASN's Orioles Blogger Night" at Camden Yards. Well, over the years, I've been extremely curious to know what really goes on 'behind the scenes'; therefore, we got an crash course that evening. Needless to say, it's a lot of work, and there are far more people involved in the production of a telecast than I even envisioned.

MASN Spokesperson Todd Webster, and Kristen Hudak served as our hosts and spear-headed the event.

As we all met at the home plate entrance of Schaffer Plaza, we all met up and chatted about our blogs, the sport, MASN, and whatever came to our minds. We were quickly ushered up the press area, and while we didn't get to see the press box, we spent a few minutes with MASN broadcasters Gary Thorne and Buck Martinez, who were pretty candid.

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