Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wishing Daniel Cabrera the Best...

I want to bring up the topic of Daniel Cabrera, our former Oriole, who was released by the Washington Nationals on Tuesday. Well, it looks like the same problems that led to his release from Baltimore got worse in Washington, and he never seemed to improve at all.

I know the complaints of him in Baltimore -- being a ten cent head, a lack of control, never developed, the walks, etc. -- but considering where he came from and the money he's made, I'd consider his life (not withstanding his baseball numbers) a success.

There were times I thought he turned the corner (his start in New York at the end of the '06 season) and his solid two months in '08; however, he could never gain consistency, or learn the lessons from his solid to brilliant outings. We were all fooled at times into thinking that Cabrera could blossom, but also found himself lost. Simply, I don't think he ever learned how to pitch at all.

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