Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wieters & Daniel Cabrera Released from Washington

I am all for Matt Wieters coming up to the majors, being annointed as the savior of the franchise, selling tickets and walking on water; however, for all my excitement -- will he make the team better? Not really -- at least now?

I do love that the best prospect in the game will make his debut in the black and the orange on Friday against the Tigers, but the influx of young talent -- more than anything, the young pitching -- will determine how far we go.

The timing of the announcement was a little odd in my mind, but hey, the team needs buzz, attendance is sagging and was only above ten thousand yesterday; however, as Andy MacPhail said, "it's about time".

Baltimore is not going to contend, and the organization might as well bring up the arms who are performing on the farm. Let's see what everyone has got.

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