Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Return of A-Rod, Sabathia Dominates; O's Makes Some Moves...

Last night, the circus -- I mean, Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees -- came into town, and the scene at Camden Yards was nothing short of a spectacle. In the end, the Yankees downed the Orioles, 4-0, and probably one of the most compelling athletes of all time -- Alex Rodriguez -- made a triumphant comeback and C.C. Sabathia had a banner outing on the mound.

Basically, the Orioles had no chance in this game -- except for Sabathia putting on two runners in the ninth -- as the big, portly lefty got his first shutout of the year and tossed a complete game, only allowing four hits and striking out eight.

The spotlight along with the eyes of the collective sporting and media world were on the beleagured Alex Rodriguez combined with all the pressure on him with the Yankees' poor start along with the drug allegations levied against him, everyone in the park was waiting to see how he would react. Fans were either in support of him -- mostly from the Yankees side -- or showed their disapproval with signs and some creative props including Styrofoam syringes, and a creative display that two fans held right behind me.

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