Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nothing to See: Baltimore Clinches 12th Losing Season in Baseball, Jones Done & Dumb Asses Among Us

If the Orioles were going to lose on Tuesday, one hoped that they could have given a little more fight. David Hernandez and the Oriole bullpen got lit up in Boston to the tune of six home runs -- some of them quite majestic -- and ten runs; therefore, at the end of the night, one had to avert their eyes as the Orioles lost to the Red Sox, 10-0. With the loss, the Baltimore Orioles -- at one time, one of the crown jewels of Major League Baseball -- clinched their 12th losing season.

Clay Buchholz -- who started the game for Boston, whose struggles in 2009 have been well noted, went seven shutout inningd, struck out five and allowed three hits on the night. Meanwhile, Davod Hernandez got hit early, often, lasted 2 2/3 innings and gave up six runs.

The offense was non-existent, the pitching was terrible, and with a Boston team looking forward to the playoffs, they decided to have open season on the Birds. I guess at this point for us as fans hoping to see the Orioles perhaps put a dent into the playoff hopes of some and play some competitive baseball, the goal now is to not see the team cross the 100-loss mark.

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