Monday, September 14, 2009

Yankees Blow Out O's With an Eight-Run, Eighth Inning

Sunday’s game against New York started out as a close game, and it looked like Baltimore was perhaps going to suffer a close loss; however, the Yankees hurt the Orioles in the eighth inning by scoring, yes, eight times – a similar event took place a few weeks ago at Camden Yards.

In the end, the Yankees took what was a 5-3 game and turned it into a 13-3 final whipping once the Orioles got their bats in the frame. The Orioles could not get the sweep, and Chris Waters along with Bob McCrory got shelled hard in the eighth inning, being charged with four runs each. It looked like a virtual hit parade as New York batted around and then some, which started off with a Hideki Matsui three-run homer and fell apart from there.

Matsui ended up having five RBI, Melky Cabrera with three and Mark Teixiera with two thanks to an RBI-double in the eighth inning. The game was made eventful as both Alex Rodriguez and New York manager added great theatre to their ejections, but the rest of the afternoon would suck for Baltimore.

Jeremy Guthrie was not as effective as he on Sunday as in his past four starts, and he took the loss – his 14th on the season. He lasted 5 2/3 innings and was charged with five runs given up. He would allow the Yankees to score in the first off an Alex Rodriguez RBI-single, and then twice in the fourth off a Melky Cabrera RBI single, and gave up two more in the sixth off two-run single from Hideki Matsui.

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