Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orioles Lose Again, Blue Jays Defeat Them, 9-2

Last night, the Orioles lost again to the Jays, 9-2, and stretched their current losing streak to four games. Furthermore, the Orioles are now 60-90, an unfathomable 30 games under .500. It looks like the Orioles will certainly avoid 100 losses; however, now I don't discount it based on the performances I have seen from the bullpen.

Chris Tillman took the loss on Monday night as he lost his fourth game of the season, going five innings and giving up four runs; however, the bullpen -- which has been awful the past month -- gave up four runs in the eighth inning, thanks to a subpar performance by Bob McCrory (who each and every time I have seen him on the mound, he's been hit hard).

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