Monday, September 28, 2009

O's Swept in Cleveland: Nothing to See...

The Orioles got swept in Cleveland as the bullpen could not help out matters on both Friday and Saturday, plus Sunday's game started off in diasatrous fashion. At 60-95 now and in the midst of a 10-game losing streak, the '09 version is well into it's swoon and this time, it's more painful to watch. It's not as if the Orioles are facing the Yankees or Red Sox; however, they are finding crazy ways to lose to the likes of the Blue Jays and Indians -- two teams that occupy the second division?

And yes, sadly now, I expect the Orioles perhaps see 100 losses for the first time in two decades. Obviously the Orioles have a lot of young pitching, their lineup has been affected by injury, trades and whatever else, but I didn't even expect it to be this bad...

There are some positives like Matt Wieters improving in front of our eyes and Matt Aubrey coming through with some key hits, but there's really been nothing else to see.

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