Monday, February 22, 2010

B-Rob's Back...

Injuries are a part of the game and seemingly can happen at any time. It's not different with the Orioles than any other team; however, when the injury bug hits one of your main cogs in the machine, there's always cause for concern.

Today, it was revealed that leadoff hitter and second baseman, Brian Roberts is suffering through some back issues.

From the Baltimore Sun: Second baseman Brian Roberts reported to camp today and revealed that he was diagnosed with a "small" herniated disk in his lower back. He worked out lightly today, but said his activities will be limited early in camp. He also is scheduled to film an Orioles commercial today, but we'll save the wisecrack about that for another time.

The injury surfaced a month ago while he was training. He said that he thought it was a back spasm, which he had experienced before, but eventually was treated for kidney stones. When the discomfort did not respond to that treatment, he underwent a spinal examination that revealed the herniation.

Meanwhile, the second baseman revealed his thoughts to MASN'S Roch Kubatko:

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