Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bedard More Than Likely Going Back to Seattle?

Well, it looks like the dream of Erik Bedard of being an Oriole again may be dead. Word is that he will probably return to the Mariners fairly soon...

From the Baltimore Sun (Pete's blog):'s Jim Street is reporting on his blog that the Mariners are closing in on a one-year deal with left-hander Erik Bedard worth $1.5 million and "a shipload of incentives." The base seems low, but it would be a reflection that Bedard probably won't be ready to pitch until midsummer.

Roch also has his say on the matter, as well as Pressbox's Pete Kerzel. All the chatter all came from a post from's Jim Streeton his blog.

Too bad. However, considering Ben Sheets got $10 million to pitch for the A's & Rich Harden got $7 million from the Rangers, would not one think that Erik could hold out for more money? Granted, he may not be in their class as a starting pitcher, but maybe he likes Seattle.

As we know, if Bedard is healthy, he's a solid and top of the rotation guy. If he can go for Seattle with Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee in their starting corps, Seattle will be one hell of a tough team during the regular season and could rival any team in the playoffs -- at least on the mound.

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