Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Adam Jones Quandry

A question that has been brought up over and over throughout the Orioles horrific 9-23 start in their first 32 games aside from the obvious is this – should Adam Jones be sent down to the minors?

As of today, he’s currently hitting .230 with an abysmal .257 on-base-percentage along with three homers and seven RBI’s. This is not good considering Jones was an All-Star in 2009, featured prominently in commercials for both the Orioles/MASN and he’s -- for better or worse -- one of the ‘faces of the franchise’.

Then again, your franchise player should not be hitting .230 nor find himself absolutely lost at times batting.

I don’t think Adam Jones should be sent down to the minors at this time. Honestly, he’s had a fair track record the past couple of seasons; sadly, he’s probably not hit his weight since his All-Star Game nod in 2009.

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