Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Koji Uehara & Dave Trembley

It's too bad what's happened with Koji Uehara.

Sadly, it just might be time to assume that Koji may never pitch another game for the Orioles.

After missing the second half of last year and Spring Training with injuries and other physical ailments, Uehara looked good in his minor league outings in an attempt to pitch again in the majors. It looked likebe that he could potentially serve as a viable member of the bullpen - especially with the problems seen so far - however, he's now having elbow issues.

Much like many of the free agent signings the past twelve or so years for the Orioles, this one didn't work out. It's the chance you take in the game and in life, right?

In a attempt to inflitrate the Asian player market as well introduce Japan to the Orioles, Uehara was given a two year deal by the organization. Although most experts considered Uehara to be a reliever, the team gave him a chance to start games in 2009.

Remember, Koji was a highly regarded pitcher in Japan and was supposed to serve a small role in the rebuilding process of the Baltimore Orioles. I was prety intrigued at the time with the deal and hoped he'd have a small tole in perhaps shoring with the pitching corps and inching the team closer back respectability.

What in the world happened?

Uehara simply has had a mediocre record as a starter, seemingly had conditioning issues and just never could stay healthy. He's now officially a bust and while it pains me to say it; however, at the time he signed with Baltimore, a lot of people liked the move.

That being said, Uehara will hit the DL again along with Alfredo Simon - who strained his hamstring on Sunday. According to the Baltimore Sun, pitchers Alberto Castillo (LHP) and right-hander Frank Mata (RHP) will be called up to the majors.

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