Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sputtering, Stalling and Going Nowhere...

Last night, Kevin Millwood - much like the other times he's appeared on the mound for Baltimore - perhaps pitched well enough for a better result; however, his offense could not get anything going at all. In the end, the Orioles lost for the 34th time in 49 chances, to the Toronto Blue Jays, 5-0.

As much as everyone rails on Dave Trembley, the loss on Friday cannot be blamed on him unlike the previous night. Sadly, the Orioles do not have the players to compete right now even with the Toronto Blue Jays - a team most people picked to finish last in the American League East.

It's not good.

The Orioles had a horrific first inning defensive as Scott Moore - who was at second - seemingly could not do anything right in the opening inning made several poor plays in the field that helped the Jays score three runs. Moore was not the only Oriole who was feeble in the field, but it doesn't matter now -- they were that awful in that frame. From there, the game was decided and the Orioles dug themselves a hole they could not get out of at all.

The fundamentals were not there on Friday night. I don't know if the team was tired, just out of it or what, but the mental mistakes in the first inning should have never been made by a professional team. Are the Orioles what they are?

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