Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yikes. Simon Blows it in an Ugly Loss to the Tribe.


What was looking to be a great game for the Orioles after rolling off three straight wins, got real ugly in the ninth as their bullpen allowed the Indians to plate eight runs.

In the end, Baltimore lost to Cleveland, 8-2, as Alfredo Simon blew a save and took the loss.

The Baltimore bullpen which had been performing so well as of late, absolutely went into the tank as Simon gave up four runs in the ninth. The damage was done when Simon gave up a three-run homer to Austin Kearns. Cla Meredith - who came into the game after Simon was pulled - poured more gas on the fire as he too gave up four runs.

It was not good. Simon has five saves, but seeing him on the mound, he was never lights out or got through any of his outings in clean fashion. You can live dangerously for only so long, but the hitters will catch up to you sooner rather than later. He threw too many pitches, ran up the count for the hitters and got hammered. Lest we forget, Simon almost blew the save on Wednesday; however, Patterson and Wieters bailed him out with the amazing play during the ninth inning of that game.

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