Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do the Orioles have a plan for a new manager?

According to Ken Rosenthal, over at, the Orioles may have a plan for their new manager going into next year. The 2010 Orioles are currently stuck in a season that feels more like an absinthe-induced waking nightmare than reality. The 2010 Orioles are proof that God does not exist; because no right and just deity would allow this to happen. The 2010 Orioles are - um - very very bad. I am running out of literary allusions and loquacious, semi-colon riddled, sentences to describe it and the 2010 soundtracks has gone from upbeat indie-rock to Tom Waits and Bauhaus.

The Orioles, however, are looking to the future with their managerial search. As names like Showalter, Valentine and Melvin swirl about the Warehouse a plan may be emerging something that may be pretty controversial. As Rosenthal reports everyone in the organization is preparing for a massive shakeup and the likelihood of that happening in the middle of a season is next-to-nothing but that won't stop the Orioles from finding a manager in the near-term.

The supposed plan is to hire the 2011 manager and have them work as a special consultant to General Manager Andy MacPhail evaluating every aspect of the of the organization from the major league team to the development strategy in the minors. Current manager Juan Samuel would no-longer be the manager next year, if he is even in the organization, and the new manager would be given the opportunity to implement his changes.

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