Friday, June 4, 2010

Reports: Dave Trembley to be fired today

The actual announcement appears to be nothing more than academic at this point. Everyone knows that Baltimore Orioles manager Dave Trembley will be relieved of his duties before the game tonight against the Boston Red Sox. The Orioles are mired in their latest losing streak and are sitting at one of the team's worst records ever something had to be done.

The early word is that thirdbase coach Juan Samuel will take over managerial duties for the foreseeable future, no word on who takes over at thirdbase. Samuel figures to be nothing more than an interim manager and all indications are there will be a full-on search throughout the rest of the season.

Dave Trembley's tenure is over and this makes me very very sad. Even the most hardened Trembley critic looks at this team's mind-bogglingly bad numbers and can see that Dave is not really at fault for this team's performance. Yes, we can gripe about bullpen issues and management but I have a distinct belief that Dave isn't any better or worse than your average MLB manager when it comes to that.

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