Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Orioles call up Arrieta and other

The Orioles have called up their own stud AAA pitcher, Jake Arrieta, to make his major league debut tomorrow against the Yankees. Strasburg gets the Pirates; Arrieta gets the Yankees. If that doesn't illustrate the gaping difference between the AL East and the NL East then I don't know what will. The corresponding roster move has not been announced but i bet it will be either Castillo or Albers. The smart money is on Castillo.

Jake has been tearing up the minors all year. The Oriolles 5th round pick from the '07 draft is sporting a 7-2 record with a 1.85 ERA in the International League this year; he is striking out just under eight batters a game posting 64 K's in 73 innings pitched.

The Orioles are going to need Arrieta to come up here and generate some sort of buzz around this team. It is a hard thing to do when you are 25 games under .500 in June and your season is virtually over. The Orioles are searching for a permanent manager and the Baltimore Sun reports that former Mets manager Bobby Valentine will interview for the job soon. That is actually very surprising to me; not that Valentine will be interviewed but that it is happening so quickly. It is more than obvious now that Juan Samuel is as interim as they get and he may not be in the captain's chair for very long.

If Bobby Valentine is interested then dang it lock him up. Valentine brings a bit of instant credibility to the clubhouse and a veteran voice that players would simply have to respect. Valentine also brings a little credibility to a struggling franchise moreso than an Eric Wedge or Bob Melvin would bring.

The Orioles need some compelling storylines this summer and Valentine trying to put this team back together would certainly be one.

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