Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photos from Saturday: Orioles vs. Nationals

Photos from Saturday's game against the Washington Nationals where they won, 6-5. Seriously, the Baltimore Orioles should consider using these throwback uniforms during the regular season at least on a part-time basis (Sundays, special events, etc.).

There seems to be a certain nostalgia, class, and a look about the old throwbacks that the current uniforms just don't have. From the cartoon bird caps, to the Orioles script, down the to stirrups, what the players wore on Saturday exhibits a certain amount of class and a unique, old-school look.

I also enjoyed seeing the Washington Nationals in the old Senators retro uniforms, although they were technically the Montreal Expos (in the their third year of existence as an expansion team) back in 1970.

It's just an opinion of mine, but would it ever be a joy to see these worn often during the regular season...

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