Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 All Star Game Red Carpet and Contest Photos...

07-12-10: All Star Red Carpet Parade

07-13-10: All Star Game Photos

Here are some photos from the 2010 All-Star Game Red Carpet Parade along with some images from the contest itself.

Having the All-Star Game in Southern California was fun, and the weather was fairly nice with the exception of the temperatures climbing into the 90's at the end of the trip. Then again, the humidity is fairly low in that part of the country, so it was not nearly as bad as the East Coast possibly would have been.

As you all know, David Ortiz won the Home Run Derby and the National League won the game, 3-1 as Brian McCann drove the deciding runs with a three-run double.

Much of the attention yesterday after the game centered around the non-use of Alex Rodriguez (which was really surprising).

Othee than that, in the pre-game introductions, pretty much every Red Sox, Yankee and Dodger player got booed pretty badly. It's amazing how on the West Coast, they really, really detest the Yankees and Red Sox - just as much as we do on the East Coast.

I will say that the ushers and the staff at the All-Star weekend were nothing short of pleasant and fairly laid back; however, the security situation was overbeating especially when it came to camera usage and bringing in items to the stadium.

Angel Stadium's security was by far the strictest I'd even witnessed in Major League Baseball. Sometimes too much security along with crazy regulations is not a very good thing.

Finally, the Home Run Derby - usually my favorite part of the weekend - didn't fill up the ballpark at all. According to reports in the local papers out there, there were upwards of 5,000 empty seats and being there in person, you could clearly see it. Perhaps Major League Baseball really might want to look at the pricing structure when it comes to their 'Midsummer Classic'.

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