Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving Forward

Felix Pie is back and picking up right where he left off. In his first three games back Pie is batting .308 with an OPS of 1.049, a homer and three RBI. he has been playing a solid left field and, most importantly, is not showing any lingering effects of his back injury. A healthy and productive Felix Pie is one of the few things that Orioles fans have to look forward to this Summer.

I was never the biggest believer in Pie when he first got here. He fumbled and flailed his way through his first six weeks as an Oriole and was consequently benched by then manager Dave Trembley. Pie's benching allowed for the promotion of Nolan Reimold who quickly took Pie's starting spot in left field and went on to have a Rookie-of-the-Year caliber season. So Felix was on the bench how he reacted to it made me a believer. Did he sulk? Did he whine? No, he was always there on the bench with a smile rooting on his teammates he was always a great teammate. Behind the scenes Pie was working his butt off with hitting-coach Terry Crowley and when injuries gave him an oppoortunity to get back in the lineup he took it and he took off. Pie earned his spot in the lineup through determination and hard work and it feels good to see him seemingly hit the ground running.

Pie is the future of this team a future that needs to step up in the second half.

Yes, believe it or not O's fans we have another HALF OF A SEASON left to go. I know that this year has already seemed like the longest in recent memory but there is a lot of ball left to play.

Looking at another player trying to get back: Nolan Reimold.

Reimold has to be easily one of the largest disappointments of a brutal Spring. Reimold was almost the ROTY last year but nagging injuries and off-the-field issues have seemed to derail the young man's career for the time being. Nolan has spent most of this season in AAA trying to rediscover his game, while being converted to first base.

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