Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Ugly Monday, O's Lose 12-9; Milwood and Pie's Return

It was ugly on Monday in Detroit, as the Oriole pitching corps just tanked and Kevin Millwood struggled to get out of the first as they lost to the Tigers, 12-9. The loss for Baltimore was their 57th of the season in 82 games.

In one of the craziest losses I’ve seen in quite a while, the offense wasn’t a problem – it was the pitching. After Matusz’s inspired start against the Red Sox on Sunday, the Orioles faced a tough task with the Tigers and they could not repeat the magic on Monday.

Millwood, by far had his worst start as an Oriole pitcher as he only pitched an inning, allowed five runs and threw 45 pitches. It was painful to watch on MASN, and after looking a lot better than he has the past few weeks, it was beyond ugly to see. He didn’t have much in terms of life on his pitches and labored out there.

Falling behind 5-1 at the start of the second inning, the Orioles pouched on Detroit starting pitcher Andrew Oliver – who probably was just as bad as Millwood. Oliver, who was handed a gift in the second inning, pissed it all away as the Orioles plated in five runs, and sent him to the dugout (much like Millwood.

It should go without saying – the Orioles are a little concerned with Millwood. Who knows how this outing will affect any future dealings on the trade market. And now… the team might put him on the DL.

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