Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wigginton and the managerial search

Ty Wigginton has been selected by AL Manager Joe Girardi as the Orioles All Star representative. Wigginton leads the Orioles in homeruns and has been a pleasant surprise in an overall horrendous season. However, please forgiven me Ty, I am underwhelmed. I find it very hard to get excited about a player who has been chosen to represent the Orioles who is likely to be playing in another uniform August 1, not when Nick Markakis is on the squad and healthy.

Nick Markakis leads the American League in doubles; his on-base percentage is hovering in the low stratosphere; he is playing great defense and he is easily the most recognizable Oriole. I know that last part is not saying much, but it is the truth. Markakis is the young future of the team and Girardi knows that. Now maybe Girardi needed another infielder but somehow it feels as though Girardi asked: "who leads in homers?" and made his selection.

Again, I love Wiggy and I am happy for him. Chief Wiggumton should do us well at the game. But I can't help but feel like Markakis is getting overlooked yet again.

Buster Olney handicapped the Orioles managerial search, he gave Buck Showalter the heavy odds to be named. Former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge has had his name floated heavily in recent days much to the dismay of some. Some feel that Wedge would be another Hargrove/ Trembley type manager; soft-spoken and demure not up to the antaean task of the AL East. Showalter on the other hand is boisterous, active and has a "damn-the-torpedoes" air about him that makes weary O's fans perk-up at attention.

Buck or Eric?

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