Friday, May 18, 2012

The Battle of the Beltways

Well, it’s “Battle of the Beltways” weekend again as the Baltimore Orioles take on the Washington Nationals in the nation’s capital; however, this time both teams are good – at the same time.
In June, the Nationals will travel up to Oriole Park at Camden Yards to square off against the Birds.
It seems that most people who I know are Orioles fans are indifferent to the Nationals; meanwhile, quite a few Nationals fans that I know still follow the Orioles somewhat.

Well, I like going to Nationals games – as I love the National League style of ball – have friends who root for the team, and simply like baseball.

Really, most Nationals fans that dislike the Orioles do so mainly because of ownership – mainly Peter Angelos – trying to keep the team of Washington D.C.

It’s not like anyone in D.C. hates the Baltimore Orioles because they are the Baltimore Orioles.

The ‘O’ chant rankles a lot of fans in the D.C. area, but it is what it is. Even I think it is disrespectful to a certain point to during the national anthem.

Anyhow, both teams have very compelling story lines taking place so far.

The Nationals are contenders in the National League after being a second division team since their arrival in the region. Furthermore, they are floating near the top of the National League, and have some excellent starting pitching, plus two big draws in Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper.

On the other hand, the Orioles – after being doormats for the last fourteen years – are atop the American League East and are 11 games over .500.

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