Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's been a fun - and surprising - run so far for O's: Special for MASN Sports

Well, for fans of the Orioles, the calendar has flipped from April to May and it has been a surprising season so far. As of this morning, the Orioles are flying high with a 16-9 record, and sit one game behind the first-place Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East standings.

There are some very compelling and unexpected storylines in the game today, and the Orioles definitely qualify as of one them. Seriously, I do not think many fans, media or so-called experts thought that this team would sit near the top of the division this late into the season.

Who knows how long Baltimore can stay competitive? But if the Orioles can play some consistent baseball and pitch well, it may be a compelling summer in these parts for a change. I was little skeptical about some the moves that Dan Duquette made, but he may be on to something.

In fact, I figured the Orioles would be struggling right about now with the talent they have, the young pitching, plus the division they play in. Then again, you actually have to play the games, too.

In the offseason, I predicted the Birds would see their win total in the sub-70s.

If they keep playing at this rate, that will not happen.

However, we've been fooled before. Do you remember 2005? OK, well the team was completely different and there were some mitigating circumstances that led to their freefall.

We, as fans, have had our hopes built up - that year, the ones before that and during Baltimore's 14-year drought, only to see things crash. However, being a fan is sometimes all about blind faith and hoping for better days.

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