Sunday, May 6, 2012

Orioles Sweep Red Sox; The Unbelievable Keeps Happening...

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox, 9-6, in 17 innings. This game was the most bizarre I've ever witnessed. I can't even recap this. If there was a game that needed a combined team effort -- this was it. Well, it only took six-plus hours to decide a winner, but this game was so fun to watch on TV.

Chris Davis tosses two scoreless innings and wins? Craziness. He actually looked very good, struck out two and mixed up his speeds on the pitches. I'm not sure if he even knew what he was doing, but hey it's a win and he got the ball over the plate. For a guy who struck out five times in eight at bats, Davis sure came up big in a unexpected moment. Yes, folks, Chris Davis is a hero. Thank goodness he didn't get hurt.

Every reliever was used. Even Kevin Gregg came in the game and threw two scoreless innings. I'm not sure if Buck Showalter planned things out this way - of course he didn't - but it was a miracle that Baltimore won today.

The Orioles are making a joke of their so-called rough patch of the schedule. They are 5-0 in May, and won five out of six from the Yankees, plus the Red Sox.

Baltimore is winning games now that they would have lost years ago.

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