Friday, April 24, 2009

The Impact of RSN's on Baseball and the Orioles...

I spent the afternoon doing some reading, mainly on financial stuff, and I came a piece on the Forbes Magazine website about the growth of regional sports networks (RSN's) and the disappearance of games from broadcast or free TV. The Orioles have had MASN for several years now covering their games along with the Nationals, and from what I know pretty much every regular season game will be shown on the network, and occasionally -- mostly on weekends -- games are showed on broadcast TV.

However, one has to understand how important these RSN's are to teams -- and, yes it all ties down to money. I have been following this topic for the past few years, and it's no surprise that the financial power of the Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox are to these networks, while the small market teams are buying into RSN's to keep up with the big boys. therefore, as much as baseball -- good or bad -- likes to promote the wholeome image of the game, yes, it's a business and a huge one that.

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