Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Teixiera Given Baltimore Love, Biden Too...

Tuesday, 07 April 2009 18:44

Well, if we needed to be reminded about the reception Mark Teixiera got in Baltimore yesterday at Camden Yards, our friends on sports talk, ESPN, and the MLB network let us know about it. I was listening to the radio -- particularly 105.7 off and on all day -- and the topic of Mark Teixiera got beaten to death.

Well, honestly I don't like that Teixiera is a Yankee, but I don't hate the guy and I have not gone as far as some people to show their hate. I wish the guy well, but the way he handled his free agent negotiations in the off-season was nothing short of ornery. However, baseball is a business and Teixiera made the decision that was best for his career and family -- that was sadly becoming a Yankee.

The guy obviously wanted to go to a winner, and the Yankees along with their payroll fit the bill. The Baltimore Orioles were never in the hunt, and while they could have offered him $30 million per year to play in the black and orange, he was not coming to Camden Yards.

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