Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is Your Franchise Worth? Yes, Baseball Was Not Hurting in 2008...

Poking around Forbes Magazine this morning, they have their annual list of baseball franchise values and more; therefore, I decided to spend some time and poke around the site as well as look at their list. Although it's yet to be determined how the economy will affect the balance books and profitability of many teams, this much is certain at face value -- teams made money last year, and it will be hard to convince me that teams will really suffer *that much* this upcoming year.

From what I can predict, if a team loses money or sees their revenue/operating income go down, it will be made up somewhere else -- trust me.

The Yankees are the sport's most valuable franchise at 1.5 billion; however, interestingly enough they seem to $3.7 million in the red as well -- perhaps because of the new stadium and the investment in that. Still, I am sure they are making money elsewhere, including TV and what not, so let's not feel sorry for them. The value of their franchise keeps going up, and there's so much prestige behind the Yankee name that whatever happens, they'll come out just fine.

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