Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About Yesterday and Arrieta; Duschscherer and Law/Rosenthal on the Orioles

Yesterday, the Orioles got a nice, well-deserved win in exhibition action against the Pirates as they won 8-2. Pitcher Jake Arrieta went four innings, allowed two runs, struck out six – however, he allowed eight hits, but no walks.

I fathom at this point that he’s got a pitching spot all but locked up, and just hope he’s more efficient with on the mound in his second year in the majors.

The offense came through again as Nick Markakis was perfect at the plate, going 3-for-3 with an RBI; meanwhile, Randy Winn – who has been struggling – homered and had two hits. Six other Orioles drove in runs.

Back on the injury front, the big news from camp the last couple of days has been centered on Justin Duchscherer. It may be safe to assume he may have to be put on the disabled list after experiencing more hip pain.

It’s not looking good at all.looking good at all.

It was pretty much assumed that there might be issues with the Duchscherer concerning his past history; however, it is still disheartening to see his comeback effort has hit some bumps in the road. I guess now that gives a young arm like Zach Britton a chance to see what he can do in the majors this Spring.

Although much of the national media have praised the Orioles for their moves in the offseason, some don’t feel the same way.

Two of the more prominent media personalities out there – Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and Keith Law of ESPN – differ in their thoughts. I’m sure most fans have read their articles about the Orioles’ off-season and how it bodes for their future.

(Rosenthal’s piece on the Orioles is herepiece on the Orioles is here and follow-up Q&A with Sun is here is here. Here’s what are a few links to Law’s thoughts on the team – herehere and herehere.)

Long story short: Both men generally agree that while the team may win a few more games this season, the long-term development of the organization may have been hampered. They think due to the Orioles trading some of their young players and signing veterans who may make little-to-difference in the standings, they still will not contend in the American League East anyway.

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