Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good news. Bad news. Other news

Dinged up starters Brian Roberts, Derrek Lee and Koji Uehara could appear in games this weekend. All have progressed well and seem to be back on track this spring healthwise. According to Roch Kubatko Roberts hit off a tee from both sides while Lee took soft-toss. Both felt good. Manager Buck Showalter feels they are both on track for April 1 so long as there are no other setbacks.

The Orioles were featured on MLB Network's 30 in 30 show tonight. The hour-long program featured analysis of the team from Sarasota - and that is really about all I can say. Anyone that was looking for in-depth hard-hitting analysis would need to go elsewhere. The overall tone: They are improved but the AL East is HARRRRRRRRRRRRRD. Thanks guys, tell us something we don't know. That being said the show seemed to be very positive Former Oriole Harold Reynolds seemed particulary excited with the Orioles new (projected) lineup for Opening Day and when comparing it to last year's lineup it is hard not to see the significant improvement.

Replace Tejada with Vlad (in the cleanup spot); Atkins with Lee; Pie with Reynolds (in the seven-hole) and Izturis with Hardy. Definite improvement right there, it really can't be argued. But it isn't exactly the thought professional analysis that I think some wwere looking for. But then again the IS the MLB network, they really aren't going to expose the warts of their own product very much. They aren't exactly going to roll into Seattle, Baltimore, Cleveland and KC and say: "sorry guys you may be better but pack it up; no chance," so the fact that the questions to Mark Reynolds were a bit soft and the coverage was a bit fluffy should not be that much of a shock to anyone.

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