Thursday, March 10, 2011

Derrek Lee and Thoughts From Today

The big news today out of camp is that there’s no real issue going on with Derrek Lee except for some tendinitis based on the results of an MRI done this afternoon on his wrist.

According to reports, he will still sit out a bit, but will try to get ready for Opening Day.

Good to hear and we have plenty of time until Opening Day. If he’s not ready, I guess Luke Scott will play first, and you might see Jake Fox play there as well in case of an emergency.

Now, onto the games-that-don’t-count portion of this post...

The Orioles had another long day of baseball as they had two split squad games – a day and a night one.

In the nightcap, the Orioles ‘B’ team lost to the Red Sox on the road, 2-1. With the score tied at one in the bottom of the ninth inning, Baltimore reliever Wynn Pelzer nicked Yamaico Navarro with a pitch … as the bases were loaded.

However, watching the game on, it sounded like the pitch might have hit Navarro’s bat, not the batter.

Oh well.

Ryan Drese – who started the game for Baltimore – had some trouble, but did well overall, going three innings and giving up a run. The score for Boston came off a J.D. Drew homer.

Drese probably won’t make the team unless someone gets injured, but he’s been serviceable so far and has not embarrassed himself. Then again, he might also have a home in Baltimore’s bullpen as a long reliever, if he can keep it up.

Speaking of … the bullpen up to the ninth inning was stellar, as Mark Ballard and Armando Gabino each tossed two scoreless innings.

The Oriole offense could not do much against the Red Sox’s Clay Buchholz, who threw four scoreless innings, struck out and gave up four hits. Baltimore’s run came off a Matt Angle RBI in the 8th inning. Veteran Randy Winn struck out three times and probably will be cut sooner rather than later.

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