Sunday, March 27, 2011

More on Adam Jones; About Saturday's Game...

Before I go all into a mini-game recap from Saturday, I wanted to speak more about Adam Jones. As we all know, Adam Jones has a profile article up on the Baltimore Sun website and has a series of video interviews.

One has gotten the attention of many.

I alluded to this yesterday: I was a little shocked hearing what Adam had to say about fans and visiting rival fans – mainly, from Red Sox Nation and the Evil Empire (New York Yankees) – taking over Camden Yards at times.

I’ve been in the ballpark more times than I want to remember when those fans have come to Baltimore. Most have been decent people, only coming to watch a ballgame and support their team; however, some are boorish, foolish and don’t pay the respect to those in a visiting ballpark.

We, as fans have talked about it amongst ourselves, on blogs, message forums, sports talk radio and wherever else.

Now, we’ve got a player who doesn’t like it any more than we do.

Good. We finally have a player -- Adam Jones -- who outwardly shows that he cares shows that he cares. He may have come off a little strong on his interview, but he came off a bit frustrated with his situation.

You know what, I appreciate Adam let what’s on his mind come out. We found out some of his most inner most thoughts about fandom and the sport – perhaps too honest – but, he didn’t put on an act or give us a speech with little substance.

Furthermore, on the heels of Buck Showalter’s now infamous comments – that people up on Boston and New York are dumbfounded by – we have a player who believes his team and can, plus finally wants to get out of the cellar.

He didn’t hold anything back, and good for him. We want our athletes open and free to express themselves; therefore, we may have gotten more than we wanted out of Adam Jones.

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