Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's Game, The Young Pitching and Reimold...

I didn’t watch the Orioles today in person, but they did win today with a 6-2 win over the Detroit Tigers to up their record to 4-1 for the 2010 Grapefruit League season.

Jake Arrieta got the start and was so-so in his outing, giving a run on two hits, plus a walk in six innings. Hopefully, he’ll use this Spring Training – much like Chris Tillman – to be more consistent and economical with their pitches. Right now, that more than anything puts pitchers in a hole early and just leads to a bullpen being taxed. That trend needs to stop if the Oriole arms are going to be successful.

As I said, the new offensive additions are nice; however, how the Orioles do this season will depend greatly on the starting pitching – especially out of the young arms in the rotation.

If these guys can’t go at least six innings, or worse throw 80, 90, 100 pitches even before the fifth inning – over even sooner – they will put the Orioles in a hole.

It won’t matter if the Orioles score four or more runs a game, the losing seasons will continue unless the mound performances by the young pitchers improve.

I think one of the big stories out of camp right now happens to be Nolan Reimold. As we all know, Spring Training is not a very good indicator as to how some players turn out during the regular season; however, Reimold is doing his best to leave a mark.

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