Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Moves in the East

Last night the Nee York Yankees traded away their star catching prospect, slugger Jesus Montero and other pieces to the Seattle Mariners. In return the Yankees got Mariners rookie sensation Michael Pineda. Still not finished, the Yankees also consummated a deal for Los Angeles Dodgers free agent Hiroki Kuroda.

The Yankees have officailly set their rotation leaving them room to dump struggling AJ Burnett to free up salary or maybe even trade struggling young starter Phil Hughes.

One question comes to mind, why would the Mariners do this? Montero is a catcher in theory, but all reports have him as being a well below average backstop. His bat is supposed to be stuff of legend, but Seattle is such a vast ballpark I'm not sure how well a power bat like Montero will really play there. Pineda is young, cheap and talented - very talented. This seems like such a lopsided deal right now, lopsided in the Yankees favor. I could sit here and try to soothe the hurt of this by quoting stats that have Pineda being far more human away from Seattle. I could talk about Pineda's fly-ball tendencies and how those will bite him a bit in the wind-tunnel of New Yankee Stadium; but I won't because it doesn't really matter. Pineda is a Yankee, as is Kuroda. They will drink the same magic elixir as Bartolo colon did last year and be co-Cy Young winners.

The Orioles signed Taiwanese pitcher Chen Wei-Yin, and it is a great move. He was considered the best Japanese pitcher coming out this year not named Darvish. The step is a bit bigger than that former statement implies but the fact remains that the guy is talented. If Chen were signed by one of the powers of the AL East it would have been headline news on ESPN. And the Orioles got him, he is young, cheap and has serious upside. It was a great move.

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