Sunday, January 1, 2012

Q&A with Greg Bader: Camden Yards 20th Anniv., Uniform Changes and More..., Part 2

We recently did a Q&A with the Communications Director of the Baltimore Orioles, Greg Bader and we touched upon on myriad of topics - the 20th Anniversary of Camden Yards, the uniform and cap changes, general Camden Yards questions and concerns, plus what has been going on with Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida.

The Q&A was quite lengthy, so we have split it up into two parts. This is part two.


What were your thoughts about the change over from Aramark - the old food service vendor - to Delaware North Companies Sportservice? Did you get any opinions from the public -- good or bad?

18 years with one ballpark concessions vendor is a long time, and while Aramark was a terrific partner, we believed the switch to DNC Sportservice would be a benefit to our fans.

The new Birdland hotdog, as well as the steak and egg sandwich and the addition of local favorites Pollock Johnny's and Natty Boh have been great additions about which our fans have raved. And there are still more changes to expect in 2012-new menu items and new food and drink destination points around the ballpark, some of which have been confirmed and some of which have not yet been announced.

With FanFest next month, what can we look forward to as fans? Any new additions, changes?

FanFest will be similar to what fans experienced in 2011, though the layout at the Convention Center is a bit different (we actually have more square footage).

Autographs will be handled the same way, and with that program raising nearly $100,000 for the Orioles Charitable Foundation, we wanted to duplicate the way that was done.

One change to the event will be an improved Spring Training area for fans to get information on tickets as well as Sarasota activities and travel/hospitality options.

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