Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Fan Fest Thoughts and the Baltimore Ravens Today

As I have mused throughout the winter, I have not been all that impressed with the moves that the Orioles have made in preparation for 2012.

For the most part, I feel the Orioles have gone with ‘value’ in terms of the players they have signed; however, they have started to make inroads with Asian market, signing two arms – Chen and Wada.

During a break in the afternoon, I got a chat to ask beat writer, Brittany Ghiroli about the state of the Orioles in the media area.

Being that Ghiroli has covered the team for a couple of seasons now, and is from Connecticut, I wanted to get her perspective.

More or less, she said that the team is doing the right thing now in terms of rebuilding. In addition, we had a long conversation about the acquisitions that the Orioles have made.

I told her that there were a lot of fans, including myself – to an extent – who have not been impressed with Dan Duquette so far.

While Ghiroli understood the fact many of us lament that fact that no marquee names, or ‘name’ veterans were signed, she mentioned an important point that I perhaps overlooked: the acquisitions didn’t cost the team anything in terms of draft picks or compensation.

Thinking about what Ghiroli said, it’s an important thing to think about. With the state of the Orioles as-is, they need to collect as much talent as possible and hope some of the players pan out.

They are in no real position right now to give away any of their prospects, and if they did – it would be a detriment to the organization, plus their overall general plans.

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