Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FanFest Notes & Thoughts: Nick Markakis

Oriole right fielder Nick Markakis spoke with the media at FanFest. He updated everyone on his injury, status heading into Spring Training, Brian Roberts, the pitching, and also the offense.

Here are some quotes and notes I was able to pick up from him.


Commenting about his recent surgery…

Um, I’m doing good. It’s a sensitive area where I got cut open; as far as pain-wise, I don’t have any pain, it’s just uncomfortable, and it’s – you know, not being able to do certain things I want to do. It seems like a like a long recovery, but you know – it will be over as soon I know, and then we’ll be rolling again.

More about the MRI, surgery, procedures and how he found out…

Um, the first time I arrived; my first MRI, there was still some swelling and in there; so it wasn’t able to show what it needed to show.

It got towards the end of the season; the injury – I was about 100%, over time I got my second MRI, I was 75% better, and then the last 25%. I just knew something was wrong in there and it wasn’t able to show what it was. I know my body, so I went to Richie, and then the trainers, and they sent out for an MRI, and then they set me up with Dr. Myers on the west coast.

He looked at the MRIS’s, did a couple of tests on me, and basically told me what he thought was going on.

Nick’s preparation so far heading into Spring Training…

I’m doing a lot of pool activity – working on my lower half, my core; that’s just about it. Starting to jog a little bit lightly; each day, something is added in, and we’ll go from there.”

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