Friday, February 13, 2009

Alex Rodriguez Book Release By Selena Roberts Has Been Moved Up...

Ah, I guess there was a reason why the news of Alex Rodriguez's failed drug test was brought out when it was -- and now, the author of the now infamous Sports Illustrated article -- Selena Roberts -- has decided to move up the release of her book on Rodriguez up.

Right in the smack of the beginning of April, and three days before the Yankees play their first regular season game at their new stadium.

Oh boy. Does anyone not doubt that he'll be the talk of the 2009 season?

From MSNBC: Publication of Selena Roberts' "A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez" has been moved up from May 19 to April 14 as scrutiny builds on the New York Yankees slugger after he acknowledged using banned substances from 2001-2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers.

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1 comment:

coffee said...

it'll be a tough road ahead for A-Roid as he seeks to become A-Rod once again

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