Friday, February 20, 2009

Derek Jeter Speaks on A-Rod, Steroids, and Himself...

After the entire circus of half truths, lies, deceptions and a really bad Razzie-like performance by Alex Rodriguez while facing the gauntlet by the the media, his teammate and perhaps the most important person on the Yankees -- Derek Jeter -- spoke his mind today.

He gave his full support to Alex Rodriguez, despite his body langauge yesterday in the press conference. Jeter said the right things; however, you must wonder if he's seething down deep when it comes to his teammate.

Jeter was one of many who showed his support to Rodriguez, but you have to wonder would they have done if this were, let's say, Melky Cabrera who is facing the media.

However, you have to realize Alex Rodriguez is the best player on the planet and the Yankees need him to reach their Manifest Destiny -- the World Series.

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1 comment:

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