Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Week Later: Alex Rodriguez, I Still Don't Believe You...

Well, this afternoon, Alex Rodriguez met the media -- numbering over two hundred -- and issued a mea culpa about his steroid use in the media.

I think he's telling us only a quarter of the story, and he knew exactly what he was doing. Let's just say, I don't at all think he should be believed. Alex may have wanted to come off as a repentent man for his PED use; however, he still came off as an actor, rehearsed and only sorry he got caught -- not because of what he did.

He was still polished -- way too polished.

Again, I am really starting to like that some current players and baseball personalities -- David Ortiz, Ozzie Guillen, Jamie Moyer, Chris Young (Padres), and a few others -- have spoken out.

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GM-Carson said...

Your boy Brian Roberts made the MLB Speed Demons Team:

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