Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can the Orioles Be Like The Rays in '09? No. Have They Improved on Paper? Yes...

Yesterday, the Washington Post's Dave Shenin in a very positive post on the "Baseball Insider" looks at some of the moves the Orioles have made in the off-season, and compares them to the Rays -- who of course won the American League East last season.

Although Shenin believes the Orioles are missing a few ingredients to become a carbon copy of the Rays in '09, he believes they can do well -- as in win 90 games.

I tend to be on the positive side of things, but I am also a realist. The Baltimore Orioles will not win 90 games, and should consider 2009 a smashing success if they finish at or above .500. , the team still has a lot of flaws, mainly the the rotation -- which is very thin right now -- and maybe the bullpen (a few guys need to show that are over the injury bug and have recovered).

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